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Tips to Help Vapers Avoid Triggering Their Fire Alarms

As a vaper, you may have wondered whether your vaping has the potential to trigger your fire alarm. While vaping generally doesn’t set off a smoke alarm, some alarms are more sensitive to smoke than others. Did you know that a false fire alarm can land you in trouble? To avoid being a victim of such a situation and a possible fine, here are valuable tips to help you vape without setting off your smoke alarm.

Go for Nicotine Pouches Over Vapes

When using nicotine pouches, there is nothing like smoke or heat. All you need is to place the substance between your lips and gum and consume it gracefully. So, whether or not you have the most sensitive of security systems in your home, these pouches are super ideal.

Choose Heat Sensitive Fire Alarms

Photoelectric smoke detectors are one of the most sensitive smoke detectors in existence. They can trigger the alarm at the slightest provocation. They act when the beams of light around them are disrupted, and vapour from your e-cigarette could just be enough to pull the trigger. That said, heat-sensitive alarms are your best bet for vapers. They are designed only to detect heat from the fire rather than smoke.