Security Systems

Discreet Security Systems

One of the main issues with some security systems is that they are very obvious once they are in place. While there is a responsibility to make people aware when there are CCTV cameras in operation, it can help to place them discreetly on occasion.

This means that some home and business owners might want to consider using cameras that look like other objects. This could be something as simple as placing the device within a garden gnome or a bird feeder. In some cases you can place a small camera in a external light fitting, or place one in a tree.

Internal cameras

Inside the home or business, people often want to make their security systems less obvious. Some families will use a ‘nanny cam’ – a camera that is placed so that they can keep an eye on their children. They may be placed in common areas of offices, schools and care homes. Again, these can be hidden in other objects or simply placed against patterned wallpapers where they will be less noticeable.

The advantage of patterned wallpapers is that you can choose a bold or dainty print and you will be able to find a security system that fits well with it. As an example, a small dark camera placed in the corner of the ceiling will blend well with a small dark wallpaper pattern. It is possible to get systems with larger camera or alarm units that will fit with bolder, bigger patterns, especially if the units have a similar external colour.

The best way to make sure you get a discreet security system is to explain to the installer exactly what you want and where you want it placed. They will be able to find a system that will blend with the wallpaper, no matter how bold or bright the pattern.