Security Systems

Can Vapes Trigger a Smoke Detector?

Smoke detectors form a key part of a home’s security system. However, unlike other components of a security system that detect or deter burglary, smoke detectors play the role of saving your home from the risk of fire.

Back to the principal question, can vapes trigger a security alarm? Most people will tell you that they cannot set off smoke alarms. However, this is not entirely true, considering there have been instances where these security features have detected vaping, giving a false smoke alarm.

Well, as much as it might not happen soon, you do not have to face the consequences of a false alarm. When at home, for instance, and you have just received some disposable vapes you ordered online, it is always advisable to use them outdoors.

Fire Detection Systems Vulnerable to Vapour

Because vapour is entirely different from smoke, the main protagonist, some smoke sensors do not detect vapour. However, other alarm systems, including the following, do:

  • Ionization systems: Highly sensitive to the smallest smoke particles
  • Optical alarms: Employ infrared light and easily triggered by vapour

While reports of e-cigs setting off fire alarms are rare, some systems do. If you cannot do without some nicotine fix, then you should install an alarm system that does not detect vapour. Better yet, plenty of disposable vapes online do not create dense clouds without triggering the alarm.