Security Systems

3 Ways Security Systems Prevent Unauthorised Home Entry

Advanced systems offer customers peace of mind by securing the perimeter of the home. Tailored to combat illegal activity, complex security technology prevents a would-be intruder from successfully walking away with the owner’s possessions. Security systems reportedly stop half of all attempted burglaries. Here are three ways a security system may thwart a burglary attempt.


A security company monitors all points of entry with innovative window and door sensors. These simple, effective devices alert the homeowner whenever someone opens a door or window to the home. The sensors chirp or beep whenever a point of entry opens. The sensors are also an essential part of the home’s alarm system. Motion detectors also trigger notifications when there is movement inside the home. Connected to a base station, the sensors trigger an alarm and notify authorities in the event the homeowner does not enter the correct code to disable it.

Alarm System

The homeowner may programme the alarm system to activate the alarm immediately or delay the alarm for a few moments. Delaying the alarm, gives the homeowner an opportunity to deactivate it when he enters the home. However, when the homeowner is inside the residence, an instant alarm alerts him and the 24-hour monitoring service of any unauthorised access to a point of entry. After the alarm is triggered, the monitoring service checks with the homeowner to see if police intervention is required.


Apartment dwellers and homeowners rely on cameras to capture activity within the home and around the perimeter. By placing multiple cameras at the home site, the owner can keep track of all movements at the residence. Security cameras may record all activity or capture video clips when triggered by motion. Companies offer systems that allow for capturing and storing video clips in an online cloud for around-the-clock access. Stand-alone camera systems also store video in the cloud or save clips to a hard drive.