Security Systems

Prevent door lockout using home automation

It happens to the best of us. You are in a hurry and lose your keys or drop them somewhere and can’t recover them. Here are some ways to overcome these situations:

Installing smart locks

This will enable you to forget about carrying keys wherever you go. When you install a smart lock, there is no need for a key. You just punch in the numbers and the door will be unlocked. Simple as that. There are also smart locks that you can control using an app on your smartphone.

Friends and neighbours

This is what most people do in such a situation. You hand a spare set of keys to your trusted friend or neighbour in case of an emergency. This will help you get out of a tight spot in case you lose your keys.

Hide a spare key

A lot of people like to hide a set of spare keys somewhere in their property in case of an emergency. But it can be dangerous if the thieves find them, so you have to be careful and smart when hidingĀ  keys on your property.

Don’t make it obvious like under the mat and just above the door somewhere, or even under the flower pot. Make it hard to guess, and don’t tell anyone about it.


Also, when you are hiding your keys, make sure that no one is watching or observing you. Neighbours can be nosy as hell, and people like to talk – which is what you don’t want. So do it when no one is around you, possibly in the dark when everyone is fast asleep. Your safety is in your hands.