Security Systems

4 Important Security Tips

Here are 4 important but often neglected security tips to protect your home:

Keeping your keypad secluded

While most people place their security keypad right next to the door, for convenience purposes, it is also very convenient for the thieves. Since it is the default position, most thieve sare aware of its location. Disarming the security then becomes easy as they know where to look for the same.

To counter this issue, make sure to install your security keypad in a different location. It might be a hassle in the beginning, but you will quickly get used to the new location. Also, do not place your keypad near a window where it can be easily accessed.


No place to hide for thieves

Keep your yard clean because it can provide thieves with the much-needed shelter and shadow during night time. The type of plants that you have in your yard can allow thieves to move around the house undetected. You must always maintain your yard and you can also go for thorny little plants. Use plenty of lights to in the yard to keep it shining so that you, and your neighbours, will be able to see the intruders easily from a mile away.

Use Decoys

Most thieves often go to the master bedroom first because that is usually the first place where the safe is located. Get creative and use decoys. Install more than one safe and keep one in plain sight while the other is hidden. Also, you can use fake jewelry and mock valuables that are placed right in the front. So when the thieves come looking, they will go for what is easily available and make a run for it. You can also keep a fake wallet with fake notes or a fake purse with fake valuables hanging on the wardrobe for the thieves. They are usually looking to make a quick getaway, so will be more than happy when they see something valuable that they can steal quickly and easily.

Never leave a trace

Most thieves will follow you to understand your routine. That will tell them when to strike because now they know when you will be at home, and when you are at the gym. To counter this issue, you can set your default home address to a gas station so that when the thieves break into your car. they will be led to a gas station instead of your home.

Use a garage to make it more difficult for the burglars to understand whether you are at home or not.

These are some of the many small things that you can do to prevent getting robbed. Your safety is in your hands and yours alone!